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The Obsidian Cloak

Services by Breanna King

Your Southern York County Reiki Healer & Reflexologist

Feel less stressed, more relaxed and more energized.

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Our Story

Hello, my name is Breanna King, owner of The Obsidian Cloak. I decided to start my healing business in November 2021 a few years after I started my own healing journey. Receiving Reiki and using plant medicine changed me and my 3 beautiful children’s lives in so many beautiful ways.

Up until these healing treatments I struggled with self worth and alcohol addiction for many years. I decided to completely give up alcohol and other numbing substances in early spring of 2022 and there’s no looking back! I went from an alcoholic bartender to a healer and I’m so grateful to be able to pour love for others instead of poison. I’m hungry for knowledge and constantly taking more classes and getting certified in more ways to spread that healing energy. 

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